"Mary Oliver's drumming sessions have opened up a new window for expression to our students at The Arc of The Arts. Beats and rhythms now fill our halls and bring our students closer to each other and themselves. We have observed measurable improvement in student engagement and class mood since Mary began drumming with our group. You Rock!"

- Jerry


"Mary is a talented creator and teacher of the arts.  Her passion for what she creates gives her pieces a life of their own. I love the beautiful rattles she made for me and use them often in both ceremonial and healing work."

- Jennifer Shaw Coaching & Reiki Services


"My Reiki session with Mary was healing and insightful. Mary provided a safe, non-judgmental environment surrounded by kindness and ease. I was able to explore elements of my energetic and spiritual self that I had never tapped into before. Working with Mary feels familiar, easy, and supported. Mary's ability to authentically connect with me provided me comfort."

- J. 


"Going into my first session with Mary I did not know what to expect. I was a little nervous as I logged into my zoom session with her. Immediately I was at ease as we started talking. Mary explained what she was going to do for the session so I knew what to expect throughout the hour. Mary's drumming and peaceful presence allowed me to fully experience regulation, felt safety and connection. The shamanic journeys Mary has supported me through since then have provided me with security within myself. The sense of security has happened by gaining power, identifying perceptions, and reconnecting with my whole self. These journeys have allowed me to explore who I truly am. Mary Oliver has been able to see me and who I truly am from day one of meeting. Feeling seen and heard without being

judged has been so empowering.

Mary's drumming is truly one of a kind and provides such regulation throughout my whole body and mind - allowing me to think clearly as we are working together.

Before I hit my rock bottom I don't believe I knew who I was. I was lost. Now I feel secure in who I am from the work I have done. I feel that I am finding who I authentically am. It is a beautiful experience."